Life is not perfect. But your skin can be!

Welcome to the world of new BB Glow technology

Become professionals in the BB Glow technique with our intensive course
Learn the revolutionary new technique and get a certificate to perform the BB Glow method on your clients.

Discover a new world of rejuvenating technology that shook the beauty industry.

From the far east, we brought the BB Glow technique to you. Join us and learn the new method. Your customers will be grateful.


stretches the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles


reduces the amount of melanin in the skin


reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration of the skin


offers immediate moisturizing of the skin


gradually brighter appearance of freckles on the face


reduces the appearance of pores


restores an even and radiant skin tone


At our course, you will gain all the necessary knowledge and valuable experience, which will guarantee you a successful and quality work on your clients.

In our premises, we take care of the highest level of your comfort while you are acquiring new knowledge and practicing on live models.


We want customers to ensure that they feel good and that they are happy with the result. We also ensure that our course participants and learners gain the necessary confidence to implement the method on their clients.

Every participant of our course will be granted a personalized approach.


Quality is guaranteed by the largest and most successful beauty organization 22 Aesthetic Institute. 22 Institute has established one of the largest artists of Microblading in the world, Tatjana Damjanović.

Our team combines over 18 years of experience that ensure quality and your satisfaction.

About BB Glow

What if we told that your skin may look naturally radiant and smooth, without having to use foundation every day?

The BB Glow method offers exactly that.

BB Glow provides more visual benefits than any other facial treatment. It provides instant and long lasting coverage. The result includes a visible reduction of wrinkles, even skin tone and radiance.

Also, the method can help to reduce the appearance of spots and lighten the skin. Also, color changes on the skin caused by acne can be corrected with BB Glow.

The BB Glow method is a safe and non-invasive technique that provides bright and fresh skin to each client. This revolutionary technique combines the efficiency of nano-needling with the result of semi-permanent makeup.

Depending on skin care and the current condition of the skin. After the first visit, the effect lasts from 3 to 7 days. Therefore, we recommend a second visit to all clients, which provides greater coverage and longer persistence, up to 6 months.

The process takes about an hour and a half.

The color concentrate chosen on the basis of the client’s skin color is gently and painlessly implemented into the skin of the client with the so-called nano-needling, performed by our trained skin care professionals.

With the BB Glow technique and use of the nano-needling tools, the ingredients of the color concentrate penetrate into the skin. All we need is a very short needle (i.e. a nano-needle) that stimulates skin regeneration procedures, but in a gentle way.

This method is suitable for anyone who does not want any side effects, such as redness and swelling, and wants to treat their skin and aims to prevent the first signs of aging.

The product we use is called serum. The serum has a covering layer in it so that it immediately reduces the appearance of the pores and smooths the wrinkles. The skin tone is more even. BB Glow serum also contains hyaluronic acid, which additionally firms the skin and gives it glow. Vitamin C is an additional serum element that treats hyperpigmentation and reduces the appearance of spots. So, BB Glow serum does not offer only skin coverage, but it also treats the skin from the inside.

Since we use a tool with micro needles that penetrate the foundation into the skin of the face, the skin will have a long lasting effect of applied BB cream.

For microblading artists – Owners of cosmetic and hairdressing salons – Hairdressers – For anyone who wants to build a new career or offer their customers an additional service, which is currently no. 1 in the world!

The number of participants is limited. Get your place today.

Life is not perfect. But your skin can be!

Immediate results with effective facial and rejuvenation technique.

Smooth, repaired, lightened, lifted, firmened and detoxified skin. All this makes the BB Glow technique unique.

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